Telling people my plan…

Im very paranoid about what people will say when I tell them my plan to quit my job and move to the island.  Maybe if I felt like they all really had a better idea of what kind of person I am, they would know that Im down to earth and hard working, not some airy fairy, head in the clouds dreamer.  I fully expect to encounter naysayers so I was pleasantly surprised when my fiance and I went to his mom’s house for dinner on Friday.  We told her and her boyfriend our plan and their reaction wasn’t negative.  It was more like a “huh” reaction.  They questioned us a bit and then stated it’s good for everyone to have dreams.  I am confident that they dont take us seriously, but that’s fine, i’ll take that any day over being mocked or ridiculed.

This week Im going to go to my bank to see if we can get approved together for financing for the piece of land that I picked out.  It’s only $69,000 and our combined incomes at the moment are $96,000.  Mind you we already have a $121,000 mortgage and a car loan on our credit, along with various other loans and a credit card or two.  The mortgage would be around $300 a month with a downpayment.  I would like to start paying it while I have my current job so that there’s even less to pay when we do the big move next summer. 

The more I think about buying this property and how little my monthly payments will be once my condo is sold, I think Im crazy NOT to do it.  I will benefit by getting the lifestyle and property I have always dreamed of, PLUS I can give up my job that I thought I would be tied to for the rest of my life.

I can’t believe what a rat race this city lifestyle is.  I know it’s a cliche term but it is so true.  Everyone scrambles around at a furious pace desperately trying to accomplish everything they need to do in a day because they hours when you aren’t working are so limited!    And everyone is doing everything at the same times always so you are fighting traffic everywhere you go.  I can’t wait to be somewhere with no traffic!!!!!!  And lots of peace and quiet!


About searchforthesea

A 28 year old female looking to create a life of voluntary simplicity for myself, my fiance and my dog. I also enjoy running, reading, cooking, eating, and sleeping. I love meeting like minded individuals from anywhere. Please send me a message or feel free to comment on my blog!
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